Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Finds for Wednesday :: Queer Gear

Hi, friends! I thought our first series was in order, so I came up with 5 Finds for Wednesday. I think this series is pretty simple... Every Wednesday, Katye or I will show you 5 fun finds! Simple? Simple! So, let's get started! 

1. Card Carrying Lesbian from Etsy
Sasha's shop is so fun and there are quite a few products I really love! Like: 

2. from Cafe Press
This is another really fun store, with a LOT of awesome products and design!

A very pretty rainbow colored headband from Etsy

4. Rainbow Alternative on Etsy (I totally agree with their tagline!)


They also have one for men!

This last find isn't queer, nor queer gear, but I feel it's one I must mention! I'm a forum mod on a new community board called Better Blogger Network. It isn't age restricted, so if you're a LGBTQ blogger and wanna join - please do! I'll be making a LGBTQ group soon! ♥

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide || Part 2

Hello, lovelies! Angie here - with another gift guide! It's ALMOST that big day... Mother's Day! If you haven't read my first post, you can do so here. Okay, let's get started!

1. This sweet little book light (available in a range of colors - I just love purple...) perfect for reading in bed or in a dimly lit room, or even when the sun is setting outside. Lovely!  $9.95 from Barnes & Noble
2. I have heard a lot about Night Circus and the storyline sounds fun and fabulous with dark glamor and a little romance. $17.96 from Barnes & Noble
3. Ever since I visited a wax museum, rightfully named "Madame Tussauds Wax Musume" in Las Vegas, which was filled with all sorts of trivia, I knew Madame Tussaud must have lived an interesting life. Jen and I once watched a documentary on her, but I know I would personally LOVE more information. $11.98 from Barnes & Noble 
4. Let her right her own story, in this gorgeous embossed leather journal. The royal blue is an extra lovely touch! $31.95 from Barnes & Noble 
5. The Witch's Daughter instantly caught my eye. I'm Wiccan and this story isn't based on Wiccan religion, instead it's based on fantasy Witchyness (from what I read!) Either way, I think I'm actually going to buy this book for Jen and I! $13.91 from Barnes & Noble 
6. Such a bright and refreshing, quite roomy, tote for all of her book toting (hah, GE IT?) needs! There's plenty of room for other odds and ends as well and really, this color is perfect for Spring and Summer! $65.00 from Etsy 


1. Summer-y cardigan in a warm color combo! $29.99 from ModCloth 
2. "Mom I ♥ You" necklace that she can wear with anything! $19.99 from Target
3. A relaxing Enya CD - perfect for yoga, meditation, creative background music, etc! $11.88 from Wal-Mart
4. Letters, postcards, special little odds and ends and of course, pictures, can all go on this pretty French memo board! Maybe include your favorite picture of you and her? $14.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond
5. Does her wallet look a little rough around the edges? Or maybe she just needs a funky update? Give her this gorgeous little wristlet! $11.69 from Target
6. I'm a "pillow girl" meaning I love having lovelies like these around! Whether she's decorating or simply using this while lounging, she'll LOVE IT! $24.99 from Target 

Well, that's the end of my gift guide posts - at least, for Mother's Day! However, some last minute advice:

Have limited funds? Visit your local dollar store, buy a cute basket, put in some colorful paper and fake flowers; add some bubble bath/shower gel, a bottle of nail polish and whatever "fits" her. For $20 - you could give $20 gifts!

Remember: We're all different! She may fit one of the categories above, none or all of them! When giving, or making, a gift - think of who she is and give accordingly. However, don't be afraid to experiment: you may give her a gift out of her "comfort range" that will actually open up a whole new hobby for her!

Give from your heart. She won't care if you spend $0 and make her something meaningful. The thought and THE LOVE behind a gift is TRULY what counts. I promise. So don't worry about money, or how "good" a gift is. Do your best. Buy and/or Make your best and she'll be happy and feel loved!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guides

Hey, Doodled Rainbow-ers! Are you ready for Mother's Day? I'll be honest... Every so often, a holiday will totally slip my mind (like my sisters birthday, eep!) I also know that for a lot of people, gift giving is hard. SO! Today I'm here, giving a little inspiration! Now, my own mother passed away when I was 18 - so for me, Mother's Day is all about celebrating my mother-in-law. For those of you who are either distant from your mom's or sadly, no longer have a mom - celebrate a motherly figure! Your Grandma, Aunt, big Sister, Family Friend... There's a lot of women who can be sweet "second mom's" and I think they deserve a lot of love as well!

So, enough of my rambling... 

Here's some inspiration, enjoy! 

1. This cupcake measuring cup set is ADORABLE! Am I right? $11.99 from ModCloth
2. Add a little elegance to her everyday meal with these dainty salt and pepper shakers! $24.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond
3. A dash here, a dash there and voila! A masterpiece. This is a sturdy spice rack w/ spices! Mmmm! $29.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond
4. A gorgeous wood salad bowl! Perfect for salad - and food photography! $7.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond
5. These awesome looking bowls are perfect for poached eggs in the morning, or baking/molding food! $9.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond 
6. Get her morning started right, and give her energy throughout her busy day, with this coffee percolater! $34.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond 

Ahem... I apparently really love Bed Bath & Beyond! ^_^'

1. Cuteeee Russian doll fabric from Etsy, perfect for making clothing, a bag and endless other projects! $42.00 from Etsy
2. Scandinavian Birds Embroidery Pattern, cute and pretty darn adorable $4.00 from Etsy
3. Monogram Tote Project! This is a project, meaning YOU make the tote! It's free, except for the needed supplies. Make her this tote and surprise her on Mother's Day! - from Michaels 
4. The Big Book of Holiday Crochet! My mother-in-law has this and her, Jen and I LOVE IT! So many AMAZING ideas! $12.45 from Amazon
5. Give her her first Smash book! Inside is pretty, random paper for all of her artistic and memorable needs! $11.99 from Amazon
6. A serene Zen Garden Starter Set! Perfect for a desk, counter, windowsill, etc! $20.00 from Etsy

Make sure you come back later today for even more gift guides! ~Angie

Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Pack for a Weekend Trip

The mission: spend a rad weekend adventuring in a part of the state I have never before explored. Visit with a friend who I haven't seen in a half-year. Travel out of town solo for the first time e-v-e-r. (Hopefully) attend an event put on by another Alaskan gay-straight alliance.  Have fun.

The challenge: do so with only one backpack. 

I am a chronic over-packer. I'm the kid who bring two bags to a sleepover and still manages to forget sometimes that I wanted to bring. My suitcase is greatly larger than, um, anyone's in my family. When we go out of town for even the afternoon, I bring a giant purse. There is no such thing as a "small handbag" in my vocabulary. 

With this trip, it's time for that to change. Honestly, I've never liked carrying around tons of luggage -- it always feels like your arm is going to be yanked out of its socket -- and it's often better to forget something small than to be overburdened with many things that you don't need. I wrote this guide to help me as much as to help you! (And afterwards, I'll definitely share some sweet pictures of the trip with you guys. One of my packing must-haves is my nice camera!)

Sample packing list (and how to write your own!)

Here's the list that I've scrawled out in my journal (and yes, I do keep a journal!) of what I need & want to bring on my little trip. 
  • sparkly-butt jeans (  & yes, I do have jeans that fit this description!)
  • RESPECT hoodie
  • red plaid button-up
  • polka-dot PJ pants
  • PFLAG shirt
  • 3 pairs socks
  • 3 pairs underwear
  • tortoiseshell skinny jeans
  • blank tank top
  • white tank top
  • 1 bra
  • Nirvana t-shirt
  • $$$
  • pomade
  • hairbrush
  • extra camera card
  • makeup bag w/ makeup
  • toiletries bag 
  • swimsuit
  • camera (DSLR)
  • camera (Instax Mini)
  • camera charger
  • iPhone / wall charger
  • DYKE book
  • boarding pass
  • wallet w/ ID
  • headphones
  • blue backpack
  • crystal necklace
  • sunglasses
  • sneakers
  • activism bracelets
How did I write that list? Well, the first thing I did was (duh! dyke fashionista speaking!) make outfits. I'll go over how to work out what to wear in the next section, so don't fret over clothes yet. After I decided what I'd wear, I thought about what I'd need to actually get on the plane (boarding pass, ID.) The plane ride could be incredibly dull, so I threw the book in, as well as my headphones for music purposes. I'm pretty good at entertaining myself, so that's all I really need on the plane -- especially since I've only got a few hours each way! 

That's all fabulous, but what about when I arrived? I thought about what I'd be doing there and since I have really relatively no idea, I added $$$ and a swimsuit to the list. (Swimsuits are always a good idea. Always.) Makeup, hair, and hygiene products that I use regularly definitely need to be included, but since my life is in such flux that I keep all of those items in contained bags currently, I opted to just bring the bags. Makeup is fluid & dependent on emotion, & I absolutely hate wanting a certain eyeliner and not having it available. Obviously, I'm bringing my DSLR, and for good measure I decided to bring my Instax Mini. For this trip, I don't want to bring my laptop but I do want to be able to take digital pictures, so the extra camera card is 1100% necessary. Throw in various chargers & my iPhone (in case I wander off & get totally lost!) and the list is considered complete. 

Basically, what you need to do is go through your plans day-by-day and write down what you think you'll need. Remember that what you forget is often not crucial, and if it is, it's probably replaceable! Try to cover all your bases, but remember not to stress the situation too much. This is supposed to be fun! 

Remember to choose the bag you'll bring! Since there's a possibility my friend and I will be traveling by bike, I decided to bring a backpack. I have a computer backpack I could bring, but since I'm not bringing my laptop & that particular bag is a bit of a funky shape, I'm bringing the backpack I always used to carry to school. It's bright blue with black accents, roomy, rad, & I love it! 

What should I wear...?!?!

Remember when I referred to myself as a "dyke fashionista" a few paragraphs back? That's totally true. I love funky style & I don't get to rock odd looks as much as I'd like. (This is mostly due to the fact that my work requires I wear old jeans & warm sweatshirts 90% of the time I'm clocked in.) While I'm certainly not as hyper-feminine as I once was, that definitely does not mean that I don't care about putting together outfits. 

For the weekend, I put together three full outfits that can more-or-less be mixed-and-matched. (That is, if you ignore the fact that the print skinnies won't pair well with the plaid button-down.)
One outfit is what I will wear on the plane Friday afternoon. I designed that set to be laid-back, comfortable, and heavy on the layers. By wearing two tank tops paired under a favorite sweatshirt, I'll be prepared for one flight to be frigid while the other is sweltering. The jeans are intensely comfortable -- flared, loose blue denim with a nice stretch & a solid fit. To maximize packing space in my bag, I'm wearing my crystal necklace, sneakers, and activism bracelets to the airport. (I wear those three things almost all the time anyways, but that's besides the point!) 

The other two daytime outfits do not have set days, and will probably be accompanied by the hoodie & jewelry from the flight. (Uhm, and obviously the shoes, too!) One is a pairing of a spiffy red plaid button-down with the sparkle-butt jeans from Friday, and the other is tortoiseshell-print skinny pants paired with a chopped-up Nirvana tee. Since I have the hoodie, those are both suitable for colder days as well as warmer. If it's incredibly warm, I can always wear my black tank top instead of a shirt. However, visiting somewhere in Alaska in May doesn't call for shorts, or even skirts! 

Pajamas are important. I've set aside my polka-dot lounge pants & my Oregon Coast PFLAG shirt for that purpose. If I was a bit less dedicated to keeping my bag light & small, I could potentially bring slippers. Those are useful since I refuse to sleep in socks! 

When in doubt...

...Throw it out! (Of your suitcase, that is.) There are many things I would like to bring, like Natalie my old film Nikon, or my laptop so I can blog on the go, or my glittery high heels because, well, why not? The bottom line is, each of those things takes up room in my backpack & they're not necessary. I wouldn't wear the shoes, and if I did I wouldn't be able to walk. Right now, film is tough for me to develop & the digital memories will be instant as well as free. As for my laptop & blogging... It'd be fun to bring the computer along, but I probably wouldn't write on it at all, and at 17.3 inches it's too wide & unwieldy to carry comfortably. 

Making it all fit: pro tips to condensed packing. 

Here's my packing steps. 

  • Roll up your clothes & put them in first. 
  • Second, nestle fragile items (in this case, the camera) in the center of the clothing.
  • Fit everything else where it fits. If you're carrying and back & have books or other stiff board-like objects, putting them near your back helps. Anything lumpy, however, should not be against your back.
  • Carry around the bag for a few minutes. If it's uncomfortable, repack. If it's heavy, reduce the content. 


Where are you going next? Where is your dream weekend destination? Let us know in the comments! XOXO!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Becky in Australia: Starting a Community GSA

It was spring of 2010, and I was just beginning to understand what the term "activism" really meant. Through a friend, I found out about the annual protest held by youth around the world called the Day of Silence, in which youth would keep from speaking all day, in order to spread awareness of the bullying and fear that is faced by struggling LGBT youth. Printing out 'speaking cards' and coming to school armed with determination and rainbow duct tape, I wanted to help spread that awareness. However, I was shocked and saddened by the results. A school I had always viewed as, if not open-minded, at least tolerant, all of a sudden became a place where people looked at me and other protest participants, sneered, and called us names. My friend ended up having to have a male friend of hers walk with her between classes, because she was afraid of getting beaten up.

Angry and fueled with the passion that comes from it, I started searching for ways to end the oppression of youth LGBTs and their allies, which I had not paid attention to much before. I came across the idea of gay-straight alliances in a fictional young adult novel about a teen discovering her homosexuality. When I read that, it hit me: I can create a gay-straight alliance. How groundbreaking. How earth-shaking. How mountain-moving! I envisioned a safe space for youth to express themselves without fear of judgement or ridicule - a place where no matter who you were, you would be accepted.

But how was I going to do that? I thought to myself, overcome by the sudden realization of the task I had just sat before me. I had never been a leader before. How was I going to get started? I ended up talking to my mother about this one day, stricken by the sheer difficulty of the prospect. She thought for a while, and suggested looking for adults in the community who could help me. “Who was that one woman who came into your health class a couple of years ago?”
It didn’t take me long to remember. There was a social worker in our town who, every year, would come into the freshman health classes and teach not just about sexuality, but about bullying and open-mindedness and similar topics. I remember that was where I first came out as a Pagan and a bisexual - hardly knowing what “bisexuality” meant, but only knowing that I was feeling things for females that I thought I could only feel for males. This social worker had a talent for creating a space that took away fear of judgement.

So, I called her up to ask for her advice. The first thing she did was express her complete support of my endeavor - and that boosted my confidence incredibly to hear her say that. We later would meet up at the local library, where she offered me a few starting points, and a few questions - one of them being whether or not I wanted to make it a school club, or something independant.

I was stumped by this, and at first tried to establish it as a school club - I talked to the principal about it, who was supportive. However, not everyone in the school was supportive - namely, the vice principal - who, on the following Day of Silence, ripped down our posters - and also the students. Although making it a school organization would have given us some amount of funding, a place to meet, and the ability to spread awareness of our group - ‘our’ being me and my couple friends who were interested - having the GSA be in our school would pose difficulties. For one, we would have people like the vice principal breathing down our necks. For two, we knew it would be harder to gain members - if we hardly had anyone participate in the Day of Silence because of the fear of ostracization, then it would be impossible to get attendance in our group. It’s much harder to be discreet, walking into a classroom where a GSA is known to meet, than it is to walk out of school and go to a public venue - and a key aspect we wanted to keep in the GSA was anonymity.  
Thus, the search for a public venue for our group began. We asked around places, seeing who would be supportive of us meeting there - but we ourselves felt uncomfortable with, say, meeting in a local cafe, where anonymity wasn’t garanteed. Our first meeting, in which there was an attendance of three as we worked out the details and the structure of the GSA, was held in the conference room of our local library. It was a nice spot, but felt too impersonal - plus, the reservation wasn’t garanteed. So, we still needed some place to have regular meetings.

But our search didn’t take long. One day, as I was chilling with friends at a local teen coffeeshop, I got a call from a woman at our local family planning center, telling us that not only did they have resources that they wanted to provide us with, but a place to meet: the just-being-established youth Resource and Enrichment Co-op, or REC Room for short. It wasn’t yet being used, as it was in the middle of being painted and furnished, but it was there when we needed it.

Boom. One phone call to a local social worker, who spread the word all over the community. Within no time, we had a venue, we had community support, and we had resources. Giving a near-stranger a call asking for help was worth it, and I’m forever happy that I did.

Finding a place to meet was the easy part. The hard part was getting the group off its feet. To be quite honest, hardly anyone came to the first few meetings. The max attendance was two - me, and one girl who came to one meeting, and then I never saw again. I kept trying to put awareness out there not just to adults in the community, but to teens as well - I put posters up on bulletin boards in town, and we tried word-of-mouth. But no one seemed to be interested. There were many times that I cried to my then-boyfriend, saying that all the hard work was all for nothing, I’m wasting my time and money, no one comes to the meetings because I’m a freak and everyone hates me, blah blah blah. My friends and my parents and my boyfriend kept telling me, just be patient, these things take time, but it will happen - and it did.
Things didn’t pick up until after the fourth of July parade - in which we marched in a not-welcomed-by-the-Homer-community pride float with the local chapter of PFLAG - but they did pick up. We started getting people attending. Discussions were no longer one-sided - we got multiple views. Once school started, and as my senior year progressed, nearly every meeting was getting to be filled with heated discussions on homosexuality and spirituality, air hockey challenges, movie days, planning for future endeavors, support, wild art projects, and field trips to meet drag queens. Most of the meetings were planned ahead of time - particularly the discussions - and worked fantastically (I’ve got the posters scrawled with discussion topics to prove it). But some meetings were only planned part way, and still were a ton of fun.

By the time my senior year ended and my last summer in town began, the GSA had become established in the town as a safe space for teens. We still didn’t have a huge attendance, but even people who didn’t attend were changed by it. When our second fourth of July parade rolled in, we created our own pride float, and were astounded by the amount of people who not only came to walk with the float, but walked off the sidelines of the parade to join us! Our very presence in the town had changed the perceptions of the whole population. When I left Homer to go travelling, I left the GSA in the capable hands of my best friend. I looked back on the journey I had walked - from the seed of an idea, to the changing of a whole community. Just because I had decided that I wanted to change something - that I didn’t want to sit on the sidelines anymore, no matter how scary taking charge would be. I’m proud of myself, and the courage I had to summon to do something I knew a lot of people would be against: creating the first GSA in my town, and the first completely youth-run and youth-organized GSA in the state. The experience taught me more than I ever thought it would.
My point here, the point of this entire guest post, is to encourage you to dare. It doesn’t matter if you’re a shy introvert who hardly talked to anyone before - if you want to make a difference, you can. All it takes is a deep breath, and diving right into the deep water. No tip-toeing in the shallows. Dive in, and immerse yourself. Ride your wild donkey. You might cry - I did, plenty. You might feel like giving up - I nearly did, many times. It may seem like you’re not making any difference at all - and often, it won’t be visible. I knew that I was making a difference for myself, and for my friends, but I had no idea how much my one action changed an entire community until that fourth of July parade, where the amount of support we got would rival any gay-friendly city.

No matter how small you are, you can induce change. In the words of the little penguin Eric on Happy Feet 2...”You don’t need to be colossal to do something huge!”

Want to start a gay-straight alliance? Here are the websites that helped me wrap my head around all this crazy leadership and planning stuffs:
GSA Network -

Becky -- thank you so much! This girl is one of my nearest and dearest friends, and I am so excited to be a part of this mad crazy whirlwind that she created. (I, by the way, am the friend she referenced as the new GSA leader.) If you are in or near Homer, Alaska, I definitely invite you to come to a GSA meeting or write me for more information at!  -- Kayte

Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday... Monday... Such a Wonderful Day!

I love Mondays! Nope - I'm not being sarcastic. I love Mondays - why? Well:

Monday equals a brand new week. Last week - whether good or bad - is in the past. Any worries are left behind and happiness is brought forward.

It's a mini fresh start. 

  via Pinterest

So, if you've been living a life full of I-Hate-Mondays... Let's change that right now, shall we? Let's start with Monday morning... Make sure you have enough time for a little laze-in. If you're normal routine is "alarm goes off - you hit snooze - your alarm goes off and OMG, it's later than you thought - you gotta go!" let's change that. Trust me, this was my routine for SO long and it's annoying! Instead, make sure when your alarm goes off, you wake up and stretch. Linger in bed, stretching and enjoying the solitude that an early morning can provide - when everyone is still waking up.

 via Pinterest

Once you're outta bed and have attended your bathroom - er - duties, do a little meditation. If you don't have a little collection of incense and candles, start one. Now! Delicious scents can change your mood - seriously. Peppermint? Invigorates your senses and awakens your spirit. Lavender? Eases stress and worries and puts you in a peaceful, calm state all day long. Besides their benefit, they just smell good and candlelight is gorgeous - whether in early morning, bright mid-afternoon or in the dark of the night. Anyway! Set up some incense or a candle (or both), crack open your window so fresh air can come in and sit in a quiet, undisturbed spot. Do a little meditation. If you have trouble meditating, start with day-dreaming. 

Let yourself think positive, encouraging thoughts. If a worry wanders in, think "I can handle anything that comes in my way! I have no worries!" and let that little worry wander itself on out of your thoughts.

Make time for a GOOD breakfast!
This doesn't equal a donut on your way through the door. I'm the last girl who is gonna harp on you about eating junk food for breakfast (cough - guilty - cough) but there is truth in breakfast being the most important meal and you know what? Donuts, and other "junk" food simply bog down your mind, spirit and body. So do yourself a favor and eat something yummy and healthy. I find a scrambled egg (or three), a piece of toast and some fresh fruit equal a great - and quick - breakfast. Need a little more time? Pop a piece of toast in your toaster, poach an egg in the microwave, put said egg on the toast - add salt n' peppa - and there you go! 

If eggs and other breakfast-y foods aren't your thing, go for fruits and lots of them! You can even whip up a protein smoothie or if you're a lover of veggies like I am, you can make a green smoothie. All of these are quick, easy and delish and will help your day blossom.

P.S. Put together a baggie of yummy and good for you snackage. I like dried fruits, seeds and nuts!

P.S.S. Also! Talk with your family and family Doctor and see if you can add some vitamin C into your every day routine. I've started doing this and WHOA do I see a difference! So much more energy!

Wear power clothing/jewelry! Whether you're a guy or a girl, jewelry is a wonderful way of keeping your shiz together when in school, at work, etc. Have a piece that you love. Empower that with YOUR personal power - we all have some. Wear that jewelry (or a piece of clothing) and feel fierce. No one can touch your inner peace while wearing that power. Remember that. ROCK IT.

Now, what about after you come home from school/work? 

I know you don't want to hear this (I rarely do...) but: CLEAN. I know this doesn't sound like much fun after a busy day, but when you clean, you really do feel a sense of ease and less clutter can help you feel less cluttered mentally and with a more open space, you have... well... more space! 

Before you do homework, etc. take a bubble bath, go for a walk, give your hands a massage, take a nap... Basically, pamper yourself and do something that is totally pure and relaxing. De-stress. Breathe in, breathe out!

Afterwards... Get that work done. When you put something off until the last minute, what does that cause? Stress! Finish now and you'll have more time later! 

And finally, remember that everyday is a fresh start. However, on Monday, you can change your whole week with one day of peace. So, take that start and make your day - and your week - your own! You CAN DO IT! I know you can. ♥

I'll be posting more advice in the future for relaxation and making every single day your OWN! Do you have a question? Ask Katye and I below, or e-mail us!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dressing with Pride

See what I did there? *wink* Hi, friends! It's the "Angie half" of the Doodled Rainbow Duo! I'm sorry for my slight absence... I was hit with a little bout of food poisoning. Blergh! But after a day of little food and lots of rest and plenty of real Coca-Cola (the kind in the glass bottle!) and love (sweet love) I'm feeling much better! So, I'm back! (YAY!) ...and I'm hyper. Obviously. Anyway! Today I'm talking about dressing with pride... 

We should wear what we love. That is of the utmost importance, so if you don't wanna rock an awesome pair of rainbow flats, don't! It's so easy... getting caught up in what everyone else is wearing, that you forget your own personal style. I know I have! I love a cute t-shirt/shirt and a pair of denim pants while many of my friends prefer dresses, skirts and amazingly awesome bright colors. I can appreciate their fashion and still love mine! I just wanted to make sure you knew that before I started this article, because I'm 22 and still experiencing "should I dress like everyone else is?" syndrome. 

NOW! Outfits! For men (I apologize in advance, guys. I rarely make male outfits on Polyvore!) and women who wanna dress with a little splash of pride. 

I'm a big fan of being comfy on the weekend, so for these outfits I went for comfort and flexibility. Hanging inside with your friends, playing a game? Working outside in the yard? Going shopping? No matter what you're doing, DO IT WITH PRIDE! <3

Classy and colorful! Perfect for parties, date days (or nights!) and basically, whenever you're required to dress up... or just WANNA dress up! I really want that "PRIDE" ring... ♥

I know every school has different dress policies, so of course make sure this or that is acceptable! I have a hippie side, so a soft and lightweight shirt, flared jeans and funky accessories? Oh, yes, please! As for guys' fashion, I just went with what I like for guys. Simple as that! Simple shirts, slightly baggy jeans and awesome accessories - including a kick butt rainbow-infused battleaxe necklace!!!

I hope some of these helped you with your own personal pride fashion! ~Angie

 via Etsy