Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide || Part 2

Hello, lovelies! Angie here - with another gift guide! It's ALMOST that big day... Mother's Day! If you haven't read my first post, you can do so here. Okay, let's get started!

1. This sweet little book light (available in a range of colors - I just love purple...) perfect for reading in bed or in a dimly lit room, or even when the sun is setting outside. Lovely!  $9.95 from Barnes & Noble
2. I have heard a lot about Night Circus and the storyline sounds fun and fabulous with dark glamor and a little romance. $17.96 from Barnes & Noble
3. Ever since I visited a wax museum, rightfully named "Madame Tussauds Wax Musume" in Las Vegas, which was filled with all sorts of trivia, I knew Madame Tussaud must have lived an interesting life. Jen and I once watched a documentary on her, but I know I would personally LOVE more information. $11.98 from Barnes & Noble 
4. Let her right her own story, in this gorgeous embossed leather journal. The royal blue is an extra lovely touch! $31.95 from Barnes & Noble 
5. The Witch's Daughter instantly caught my eye. I'm Wiccan and this story isn't based on Wiccan religion, instead it's based on fantasy Witchyness (from what I read!) Either way, I think I'm actually going to buy this book for Jen and I! $13.91 from Barnes & Noble 
6. Such a bright and refreshing, quite roomy, tote for all of her book toting (hah, GE IT?) needs! There's plenty of room for other odds and ends as well and really, this color is perfect for Spring and Summer! $65.00 from Etsy 


1. Summer-y cardigan in a warm color combo! $29.99 from ModCloth 
2. "Mom I ♥ You" necklace that she can wear with anything! $19.99 from Target
3. A relaxing Enya CD - perfect for yoga, meditation, creative background music, etc! $11.88 from Wal-Mart
4. Letters, postcards, special little odds and ends and of course, pictures, can all go on this pretty French memo board! Maybe include your favorite picture of you and her? $14.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond
5. Does her wallet look a little rough around the edges? Or maybe she just needs a funky update? Give her this gorgeous little wristlet! $11.69 from Target
6. I'm a "pillow girl" meaning I love having lovelies like these around! Whether she's decorating or simply using this while lounging, she'll LOVE IT! $24.99 from Target 

Well, that's the end of my gift guide posts - at least, for Mother's Day! However, some last minute advice:

Have limited funds? Visit your local dollar store, buy a cute basket, put in some colorful paper and fake flowers; add some bubble bath/shower gel, a bottle of nail polish and whatever "fits" her. For $20 - you could give $20 gifts!

Remember: We're all different! She may fit one of the categories above, none or all of them! When giving, or making, a gift - think of who she is and give accordingly. However, don't be afraid to experiment: you may give her a gift out of her "comfort range" that will actually open up a whole new hobby for her!

Give from your heart. She won't care if you spend $0 and make her something meaningful. The thought and THE LOVE behind a gift is TRULY what counts. I promise. So don't worry about money, or how "good" a gift is. Do your best. Buy and/or Make your best and she'll be happy and feel loved!

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