Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guides

Hey, Doodled Rainbow-ers! Are you ready for Mother's Day? I'll be honest... Every so often, a holiday will totally slip my mind (like my sisters birthday, eep!) I also know that for a lot of people, gift giving is hard. SO! Today I'm here, giving a little inspiration! Now, my own mother passed away when I was 18 - so for me, Mother's Day is all about celebrating my mother-in-law. For those of you who are either distant from your mom's or sadly, no longer have a mom - celebrate a motherly figure! Your Grandma, Aunt, big Sister, Family Friend... There's a lot of women who can be sweet "second mom's" and I think they deserve a lot of love as well!

So, enough of my rambling... 

Here's some inspiration, enjoy! 

1. This cupcake measuring cup set is ADORABLE! Am I right? $11.99 from ModCloth
2. Add a little elegance to her everyday meal with these dainty salt and pepper shakers! $24.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond
3. A dash here, a dash there and voila! A masterpiece. This is a sturdy spice rack w/ spices! Mmmm! $29.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond
4. A gorgeous wood salad bowl! Perfect for salad - and food photography! $7.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond
5. These awesome looking bowls are perfect for poached eggs in the morning, or baking/molding food! $9.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond 
6. Get her morning started right, and give her energy throughout her busy day, with this coffee percolater! $34.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond 

Ahem... I apparently really love Bed Bath & Beyond! ^_^'

1. Cuteeee Russian doll fabric from Etsy, perfect for making clothing, a bag and endless other projects! $42.00 from Etsy
2. Scandinavian Birds Embroidery Pattern, cute and pretty darn adorable $4.00 from Etsy
3. Monogram Tote Project! This is a project, meaning YOU make the tote! It's free, except for the needed supplies. Make her this tote and surprise her on Mother's Day! - from Michaels 
4. The Big Book of Holiday Crochet! My mother-in-law has this and her, Jen and I LOVE IT! So many AMAZING ideas! $12.45 from Amazon
5. Give her her first Smash book! Inside is pretty, random paper for all of her artistic and memorable needs! $11.99 from Amazon
6. A serene Zen Garden Starter Set! Perfect for a desk, counter, windowsill, etc! $20.00 from Etsy

Make sure you come back later today for even more gift guides! ~Angie

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  1. Hey Angie, sweet list! I'm LOVING the robin's egg blue percolater!
    -Lily of Vivi Dot