Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday... Monday... Such a Wonderful Day!

I love Mondays! Nope - I'm not being sarcastic. I love Mondays - why? Well:

Monday equals a brand new week. Last week - whether good or bad - is in the past. Any worries are left behind and happiness is brought forward.

It's a mini fresh start. 

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So, if you've been living a life full of I-Hate-Mondays... Let's change that right now, shall we? Let's start with Monday morning... Make sure you have enough time for a little laze-in. If you're normal routine is "alarm goes off - you hit snooze - your alarm goes off and OMG, it's later than you thought - you gotta go!" let's change that. Trust me, this was my routine for SO long and it's annoying! Instead, make sure when your alarm goes off, you wake up and stretch. Linger in bed, stretching and enjoying the solitude that an early morning can provide - when everyone is still waking up.

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Once you're outta bed and have attended your bathroom - er - duties, do a little meditation. If you don't have a little collection of incense and candles, start one. Now! Delicious scents can change your mood - seriously. Peppermint? Invigorates your senses and awakens your spirit. Lavender? Eases stress and worries and puts you in a peaceful, calm state all day long. Besides their benefit, they just smell good and candlelight is gorgeous - whether in early morning, bright mid-afternoon or in the dark of the night. Anyway! Set up some incense or a candle (or both), crack open your window so fresh air can come in and sit in a quiet, undisturbed spot. Do a little meditation. If you have trouble meditating, start with day-dreaming. 

Let yourself think positive, encouraging thoughts. If a worry wanders in, think "I can handle anything that comes in my way! I have no worries!" and let that little worry wander itself on out of your thoughts.

Make time for a GOOD breakfast!
This doesn't equal a donut on your way through the door. I'm the last girl who is gonna harp on you about eating junk food for breakfast (cough - guilty - cough) but there is truth in breakfast being the most important meal and you know what? Donuts, and other "junk" food simply bog down your mind, spirit and body. So do yourself a favor and eat something yummy and healthy. I find a scrambled egg (or three), a piece of toast and some fresh fruit equal a great - and quick - breakfast. Need a little more time? Pop a piece of toast in your toaster, poach an egg in the microwave, put said egg on the toast - add salt n' peppa - and there you go! 

If eggs and other breakfast-y foods aren't your thing, go for fruits and lots of them! You can even whip up a protein smoothie or if you're a lover of veggies like I am, you can make a green smoothie. All of these are quick, easy and delish and will help your day blossom.

P.S. Put together a baggie of yummy and good for you snackage. I like dried fruits, seeds and nuts!

P.S.S. Also! Talk with your family and family Doctor and see if you can add some vitamin C into your every day routine. I've started doing this and WHOA do I see a difference! So much more energy!

Wear power clothing/jewelry! Whether you're a guy or a girl, jewelry is a wonderful way of keeping your shiz together when in school, at work, etc. Have a piece that you love. Empower that with YOUR personal power - we all have some. Wear that jewelry (or a piece of clothing) and feel fierce. No one can touch your inner peace while wearing that power. Remember that. ROCK IT.

Now, what about after you come home from school/work? 

I know you don't want to hear this (I rarely do...) but: CLEAN. I know this doesn't sound like much fun after a busy day, but when you clean, you really do feel a sense of ease and less clutter can help you feel less cluttered mentally and with a more open space, you have... well... more space! 

Before you do homework, etc. take a bubble bath, go for a walk, give your hands a massage, take a nap... Basically, pamper yourself and do something that is totally pure and relaxing. De-stress. Breathe in, breathe out!

Afterwards... Get that work done. When you put something off until the last minute, what does that cause? Stress! Finish now and you'll have more time later! 

And finally, remember that everyday is a fresh start. However, on Monday, you can change your whole week with one day of peace. So, take that start and make your day - and your week - your own! You CAN DO IT! I know you can. ♥

I'll be posting more advice in the future for relaxation and making every single day your OWN! Do you have a question? Ask Katye and I below, or e-mail us!

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