Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dressing with Pride

See what I did there? *wink* Hi, friends! It's the "Angie half" of the Doodled Rainbow Duo! I'm sorry for my slight absence... I was hit with a little bout of food poisoning. Blergh! But after a day of little food and lots of rest and plenty of real Coca-Cola (the kind in the glass bottle!) and love (sweet love) I'm feeling much better! So, I'm back! (YAY!) ...and I'm hyper. Obviously. Anyway! Today I'm talking about dressing with pride... 

We should wear what we love. That is of the utmost importance, so if you don't wanna rock an awesome pair of rainbow flats, don't! It's so easy... getting caught up in what everyone else is wearing, that you forget your own personal style. I know I have! I love a cute t-shirt/shirt and a pair of denim pants while many of my friends prefer dresses, skirts and amazingly awesome bright colors. I can appreciate their fashion and still love mine! I just wanted to make sure you knew that before I started this article, because I'm 22 and still experiencing "should I dress like everyone else is?" syndrome. 

NOW! Outfits! For men (I apologize in advance, guys. I rarely make male outfits on Polyvore!) and women who wanna dress with a little splash of pride. 

I'm a big fan of being comfy on the weekend, so for these outfits I went for comfort and flexibility. Hanging inside with your friends, playing a game? Working outside in the yard? Going shopping? No matter what you're doing, DO IT WITH PRIDE! <3

Classy and colorful! Perfect for parties, date days (or nights!) and basically, whenever you're required to dress up... or just WANNA dress up! I really want that "PRIDE" ring... ♥

I know every school has different dress policies, so of course make sure this or that is acceptable! I have a hippie side, so a soft and lightweight shirt, flared jeans and funky accessories? Oh, yes, please! As for guys' fashion, I just went with what I like for guys. Simple as that! Simple shirts, slightly baggy jeans and awesome accessories - including a kick butt rainbow-infused battleaxe necklace!!!

I hope some of these helped you with your own personal pride fashion! ~Angie

 via Etsy

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