Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do You Love Me - Yes or No?

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Love is love... No matter if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight, one problem that we all face is proclaiming our like/love of someone. Okay, that isn't true. We may have proclaimed how much we love her or him into our pillow. However, actually telling your crush that - you know - you like like them or even love them... well, that can be HARD. Especially if they are your friend and you're worried of losing them (which was my case with Jen!) and especially if you are the same gender.

I've only ever dated one person and that's Jen. So while I don't have much experience, I have a way of inspiring others and thinking ahead - I'm "intuitive" if you will. So I feel I'm at least a little apt to give you advice! 

Tell them in a letter: if you're worried about cornering your love and telling them how deeply you feel for them, don't. Tell them in a letter. Write with your heart. You can even explain that you're a girl/guy and you're not sure how they would feel. Leave the letter somewhere where only they'll find 'tis. See how they react the next few days. Do you hear mention of your letter? What is their reaction? Remember, no matter how they may react - good or bad - you have a chance. True love will find a way. After a week or so, whenever you're alone with your love, you can tell them you wrote the letter. If they are thrilled, wonderful! If not, don't push - give them time. If they don't come around, next time you're alone, tell them you'd still love if you were friends. 

Be a sly romantic: walking with him or her? Stop, grab a flower and say that it's as beautiful as they are. (Make sure it's not a weed! ^_-) If you're shopping and you see them eying something they like and it's within your budget, sneak away, buy the precious item and return and hand them the gift. Listen - really listen - when they talk and in the near future, go back to that conversation. Bring up something they said. Show you listen and that you DO care. Find a way of finding their perfect date idea and "ask them out." Just a day/night adventure - but lead them to that perfect date. Afterwards, wait a day and than express your feelings. All of the little gestures will add up in their mind, when they realize you like or love them.

Be brave and just tell them: obviously, this is the most direct route and the one I personally recommend... Why? You'll instantly know what is what. No more wondering. I am a direct girl and so when I was ready, when I knew I loved her, I just told Jen: I really, really like you... I love you. She responded in same, obviously and we've been together ever since. I can't say this is for everyone - it's not. But for me, I was so happy I knew HOW she felt in return! 

Remember: you can always ask your love if they're interested in the same sex. The answer may or may not surprise you. You don't need to go about this in a romantic way, you can even tell them that you're gay/lesbian in a heart-to-heart talk and see how they react before you move on and tell them how you feel about them.

Remember: whether your love is in love with you, or just wants to be friends - do what is best for you and your heart. If being around them is painful, even as friends, don't be. I know, that sounds harsh, but if you're putting yourself in a situation that will lead to disappointment... obviously, you must move forward.

Speaking of moving forward, do so. You will either find your soul mate, or the girl/guy you love(d) may notice you since you've moved on. Don't move on as a way of fooling them, of course, but remember that may happen. 

Remember: love is out there. For everyone. I firmly believe that! Your soul mate IS out there. You WILL meet them. You WILL be together. Hold on to that faith - there is no rush. If you ever need advice - because we are ALL so different from one another, yet so much the same - you can contact myself (Angie) or Katye whenever you need. We'll do our best to help you!!!


  1. Awwwww, I love your last paragraph especially! There IS someone out there for everyone and there is no rush! (great tips)

    (Now, if only I can muster up the courage to talk to this ONE guy...)

    1. You go, girl! ;D you can do it!

      And Angie IS absolutely right with that last paragraph. There's absolutely no need to rush -- in fact, rushing will often simply hinder you finding that perfect guy or girl!