Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Rock Short Hair

When I was in the eighth or ninth grade, I decided that long hair was so passe and ordered my once-luscious locks sheared into a punky pixie. Since then, I've had several different variations of that first cut, but my hair hasn't once reached longer than my shoulders. Currently, I've got a queer little undercut -- shaved on both sides, baby! -- but I can also recall sporting an asymmetrical side-bang thing and a bizarre a-frame style which perplexed stylists for months after it grew out.

No matter how you cut it, though, short hair can get pretty dull pretty fast. If you're a minimum-effort type of person, it can be a godsend on a day-to-day basis, but when it comes to prom or parties or other events where you would like to put a little effort in, lack of length can prove difficult to work with. For my junior prom, I remember I straightened my bangs and just couldn't think of another styling trick! (Meanwhile, my friends were struggling with hairstyles that didn't want to stay put. I guess I had it good that night!) A bit of creativity may go a long way, but when it comes to styling mini cuts, you need a whole vat of inspiration -- and that's why I'm writing this! In other words, I have experience, and I'm totally stoked to share it with you. 

A is for accessorize

The first thing you can do to spice up your head has shockingly little to do with your hair! Surprising, right? I find that rad earrings are especially wonderful when they're not obscured by an unruly mane. In the same manner, short tresses make colorful eye makeup pop or bright red lipstick sizzle. Quirky necklaces and facial piercings act in a similar manner, and I'd be remiss not to mention that you can put almost anything on a headband and call it fashionable. Etsy is my absolutely favorite place to look for hairpieces, and you can find the most interesting things for reasonably little cash. (Such as the pink bow above. So fab!)

Change up the hue

My hair has spent a lot of time dyed a dark & edgy black, but it's also been stoplight red, spunky purple, fire orange, and -- of course! -- the strawberry blonde that nature endowed me with. Switching up shades has turned into a bit of an obsession for me, and while it's not great for your hair to dye it too frequently, I wash mine often & use good shampoo, and I have relatively few issues. Crazy colors aren't required to make a change, by the way! While a bright blue might scare off your potential future employer, switching from red to brown isn't going to scar anyone too deeply. It's your head, and as long as it looks natural, you should be set for school and work! (If you have any doubts, though, you should probably ask.) 

Be a tease

I admit, I went through a phase where I turned my hair into a rat's nest on a daily basis & ended up accumulating a lot of split ends. The amount of hairspray I used that year was also probably enough to melt a solid hole in the ozone layer. However, when practiced on an irregular basis, I haven't had too many problems with backcombing. The style is fairly simple to achieve: spray a section of your hair, comb it straight up, and then, while holding the strand of hair skywards, choppily comb backwards down your scalp.  Be warned -- it will take a while, but the results are mad fun. 

Spike it to the stars

Pomade rocks. I like to comb it through all of my hair, then brush the back so it stands up straight & the bangs so they lay against my forehead. Wild, right? Again, probably not a work look -- and maybe not a school look, dependent on your dress code! -- but fun for weekends and events!

Infuse personality

Whatever you do to make your hair wacky & fun, be sure to bring your own personal touch to it. After all, our bodies are ours to decorate & adorn! Maybe include some jewelry from a relative, or dye your hair the color of your favorite flower. Have you always wanted to shave half of your head and call it a mullethawk? (Hint: I have!) Whatever you do, it's up to you, and I know you can rock it. Be wild! 

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