Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Artsy Craftsy Queers

Do you have an active imagination? Do you have a lot of energy that needs direction? Do you feel as if every so often, you're full of built up emotion that needs a release? Do you just love arts n' crafts?

As an artist (and a crafty type), I thought I'd show you some fun and interesting arts n' crafts that you can add in your life, if you are so inclined! I use arts and crafts as a hobby, a career and a release. I have fun with my arts n' crafts, though I'm also a work from home artist (I use this term loosely, as I'm not a hot artist that everyone wants a drawing from! BUT, I have sold my work!) and when I don't have a way of saying how I feel, or when I have an emotion that's bubbling up inside me: I write poetry. I draw, draw, draw. I sit quietly and crochet. I do something artistic and I feel better! Plus, Jen often will delve into arts n' crafts with me and I LOVE IT! 

Before I show you these awesome arts n' crafts, I wanna make one of my favorite beliefs clear: You do NOT have to be a "perfect artist." No artist is perfect. We are constantly learning and exploring! You can draw stick figures, write a story that's a page long, or a poem that has no rhyme. It doesn't matter! As long as YOU feel good, that's what counts! YOU ROCK.

Okay, let's get started! I hope these inspire you!

Drawing - Traditional or Digital 

And of course, some lovely queer art: 

I should note that Jen and I have LOVED Kim and Shego from Kim Possible for years. Shego is so much like Jen and I am so much like Kim. This picture has warmed my heart, again, for years. KP: Warm Winter Night by ~rinacat

(One of the cutest pairs... <3)

And one more, 'cause they're adorable:

Queer Etsy

Gay Love Birds by MaryElizabethArts

I think that's enough gorgeous arts n' crafts for now, but you can be sure I'll be including more soon! Also, I'll wrap this up with a poem I wrote about Jen and I, when we were dealing with family issues:

"We walk together, hand-in-hand
through the deepest boughs of hell.
But we smile together, as we face the
hate, because this we know so well.

We've been through hell and back again, a team
of two and one. For we are two people, two hearts,
two souls - but together we are one. We've faced
demons of lies and minions of greed, soul-biting
torture and words that bleed, but together, through
it all, the lies, the hurts and sorrow - together we have
faced hell and laughed, at the thought of a new tomorrow.

Together we are in paradise, no matter where we are.
In you I find my comfort and truth and the love that I hold dear.
In you I find my strength and words, that others cannot hear.
We're bound by invisible string, a bright red around our wrists
and fingers,our souls are united in a way of forever,
so no matter where we are - it is bliss.

Do not fear those who harm you, my dear, for they do not
have the key, to the place that's deep inside of you, that
place that's only for me. Do not worry about tomorrow,
because we're here today - do not worry about their words,
their pain, for I'll defend you every day.

For you show me love and care, support and understanding
The only one who has heard my thoughts, felt my love,
tasted my kiss and known me. Together we're unstoppable,
no matter the time or price. So take my hand and together we
shall walk away from this burning place."


  1. Just found your blog. It is such a joy to read and you are such an inspiration.

  2. Also -- Angie! RAD post! Love the gay love birds. ;D

  3. Just saw Kirk and Spock here.... *squee*
    I don't know if anyone has seen this, but there is an image on the internet somewhere that says: "Some captains marry vulcans. H8 is illogical."
    Anyways, as a girl who was raised a Trekkie from in utero, it is one of my favorite pride images. :D